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Need to reduce GHGs (CO2, NOx, CO, Methane, etc.) and/or PM2.5 in large quantities -- affordably?


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GHG/PM2.5/CO2 reductions...

How do these benefit PEOPLE?

GHG & PM2.5 ('black carbon') reductions make for Better Air Quality for everyone. These pollutants kill millions early by clogging lungs with soot and chemicals that are well-known to be poisonous and/or carcinogenic to humans. The need to reduce the amount of poisons in the air should be a simple matter of observation to anyone. Due to Mr. Renner's discovery, we have a method for a F-A-S-T and inexpensive way to save lives and our planet.


Who benefits in a CO2 & PM2.5 reduction scheme?  Normally this is limited to the project owner and the people downwind of the project.  We extend that to developing country public utility drivers as direct beneficiaries of our projects.  These drivers typically have to pay for their own fuel, so the less they need, the more they take home to their families. Fuel expense savings for tricycles average 20-30% which becomes more income.



Who benefits in a CO2 & PM2.5 reduction scheme?  Normally this is limited to the project owner and the people downwind of the project.  We extend that to disabled by partnering with the Foundation for These-Abled Persons, Inc., a nationwide Philippine NGO formed in 2009 for the purpose of finding work for their members. We offer the members a chance to fabricate our device in exchange for a 'living wage' that is four times (for a slow worker) the current minimum wage in Manila.




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Our Story

Mr. Dan Renner was a struggling inventor who our angel investor initially confused with someone in the plastic-recycling sector.  Upon their first meeting in 2019, wherein Mr. Renner's device was described, our angel investor told him to install the device in his car.  It was unknown to Mr. Renner that the driver of the car was also a Philippine TESDA-trained auto mechanic. After the install, the driver took the car around the parking lot for a good test. When he went back to report to our angel investor, he stated that he was very impressed at the performance change and also noted that there were no more gasoline fumes inside the vehicle (exhaust fumes were leaking into the car).

Needless to say, our angel investor did invest his time and money into the project and Engine EcoPhils, Inc. now exists because of his generosity and belief.  In late 2019 he introduced us to our first LGU, Malabon City (where he was raised) and we courted the City with 24 test units for half of the presidents of the City's public utility tricycle groups. (Last-mile transportation.)  All of the testers loved the fuel savings and wanted it for all of their drivers. We then did a Before/After emission test in the city and the City staff were very impressed.  Without our knowledge, the City did more emission testing of the device and were so impressed with the drastic reductions that they gave us verbal notice of an award for the first 800 of the 3,800 tricycles in that City.  Unfortunately, the first of the nationwide lockdowns happened two days later. The project was halted and EEPI laid dormant for two years along with millions of other businesses.

Our angel investor however, held us up during that time and we are thankful to him and are coming back stronger.

The Carbon Cutter is now tested and verified to greatly clear the air of CO2/GHGs & PM2.5.

Our purpose is to help you do that for your NDCs, SDGs or CSR projects.