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We have worked hard to offer an inexpensive, quick-to-implement, non-intrusive, simple and highly effective emission-reduction solution to the world

Here are some of our accomplishments


 - Philippine government-verified to greatly reduce diesel and gasoline emissions & consumption while increasing power output
 - University proven to reduce consumption
 - 1-year corporate tested and proven to reduce emissions and consumption
 - Before/After dynamometer tested (automotive engine power measuring equipment) proving increased engine power to OEM levels
 - verified in many Before/After government-certified emission test center results in a few countries
 - being used by thousands in the USA, Philippines, France, New Zealand, Norway and Panama
 - of such a simple design that we have partnered with a nationwide Philippine NGO and trained 4 of their disabled members to fabricate the Carbon Cutter for us with the hopes that demand will give them work in exchange for a 'living wage' in a very honorable occupation
- and is used (along with thousands of others) by both the Philippine National Police:
   And the Philippine Fire Dept:

The Carbon Cutter has completed successful testing (proving fuel & emissions reductions plus power increase) with:
 - the Philippine government Dept of Science & Technology's "Environmental Test Verification" – proving:
    - 75% diesel opacity reduction
    - 65% gasoline hydrocarbon reduction
    - consumption reductions of 5 & 17%
    - 6% diesel engine power increase:
 - the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP is the largest University in the Philippines) Mechanical Engineering Dept -- proving consumption reduction:
 - many Before/After gov’t-certified vehicle emission test results (presentation): showing reduced emissions on new and old vehicles
 - in California, USA:
     10 year old Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L V8 gasoline engine:
    - 15mph HCs measured = 1 (max = 47)
    - 25mph HCs measured = 0 (max = 32)
    - 15mph CO measured = 0  (max = 0.46)
    - 25mph CO measured = 0  (max = 0.43)
    - 15mph NOx measured = 0 (max = 400)
    - 25mph NOx measured = 0 (max = 687)
      7 year old Honda Civic 1.7L gasoline engine:
    - 15mph HCs measured = 0.55 (max = 64)
    - 25mph HCs measured = 0.54 (max = 47)
    - 15mph CO measured = 0.01  (max = 0.56)
    - 25mph CO measured = 0.08  (max = 0.54)
    - 15mph NOx measured = 2    (max = 472)
    - 25mph NOx measured = 41   (max = 364)
 - in the Philippines:
    Newer vehicle:
    Older vehicle:
 - in France:
 - and in 6-week extended emission testing on two 7-8 year old diesel Mitsubishi L300s:
 - an international & largest courier service in the Philippines -- proving emission & consumption reductions (all data supplied by tester):
     LBC Extended Emission Test Writeup:
     LBC Pasig - 1 Week Mitsubishi Fuso Consumptions
     LBC 12 Month Test Results Calculated
 - the 2nd largest digital communications company in the Philippines -- proving consumption reduction
 - the 2nd largest water company in the Philippines -- proving consumption reduction
 - the City of Malabon, Philippines -- proving emission & consumption reductions -- the City stated they wanted the Carbon Cutter in all 3,800 public utility tricycles in the City and gave us verbal notice of the City Council's approval of the first 800 units -- which was then pulled out from under us two days later by the covid lockdowns:
 - the City of Makati, Philippines "Anti Smoke Belching Unit" where on their Earth Day event we drastically reduced small diesel bus emissions and the department’s own 3-year old Nissan van emissions by 67%:
 - multiple public utility transportation associations in multiple cities in the Phils with the number of test units ranging from 2 to 60 -- all proving consumption reductions of 20-30% (sometimes more)
- satisfying even non-believers:
- Current emission record holder -- in the Philippines, a diesel opacity emission test score of 2.50 or above is failure & the national average is 2.00. This is the owner's report of a test of his stock 2012 Toyota Innova with a Carbon Cutter device resulting in a score of -0.06-!!-:
 - Vlogger Joseph Vergel Beloncio Manalo tested the Carbon Cutter:
"I have doubt at first, but after we use it in Honda XR150, I completely changed my mind..!  Legit 100% working👍👍👍☑️☑️☑️"
1996 Honda
                      Civic Dyno - purple is 'After'

3-yo Kia K2700
                      diesel - blue is with a Carbon Cutter

                      Toyota Innova - 0.06 opacity test




Users Say...

To promote the Carbon Cutter device, Mr. Renner has spoken at/with:
 - The Asian Development Bank's "Clean Energy Forum" (speaking)
 - ASEAN Youth environment events (speaking)
- Talk shows, both environment-based and non (speaking)
 - Multiple international corporate logistics persons including such as the 2nd largest communications and the 2nd largest water companies in the Philippines, Coca-Cola Philippines, two successive Chief Engineers of UPS ( -- whom both stated exactly the same "Your device does not fit into current automotive technology." (it is called an 'invention' for a reason -- but we understand that they likely get many startup-pups trying to get their attention.) the City of Malabon (where we had our first large deal but it was canceled due to covid) and many others.
 - OEMs such as Tata, British Leyland (signed an NDA before Tata purchased them) & Suzuki Murati – none progressed beyond the basic idea of operations of the Carbon Cutter, none interested in verifications
 - a head of Transportation for the Asian Development Bank who honored us by stating that the Carbon Cutter is a "bridge solution" to pollution – bridging the pollution levels of today with the levels pollution should be at tomorrow

The Carbon Cutter has been written about in:
 - Tata Trusts ( online magazine "Horizons", article by Mr. Arnab Mandal:
 - ASSIST Asia's Apr-Jun 2023 edition of The Impact Magazine by Reysha Ruiz and Ragini K. R.:

The inventor of the Carbon Cutter is also the recipient of:
 - the 2023 GCPIT Sustainability Award
 - a Nomination for the 2024 Earthshot Prize
 - a score of 7.3 out of 10 on the Impact Investment Exchange's Impact Report on 16 April 2022