Engine EcoPhils, Inc. Management and Governance

Mr. Ramon Gloria

President, CFO, Business Developer

    Mon is a serial entrepreneur. Aside from investing his resources in Engine Eco Phils Inc. , he is also invested in supply chain financing (InnoFins Inc.); eel aquafarming/exports (MAPAQ), and F&B distribution (Sta Clara Foods Inc.). His first major entrepreneurial success was a premium Spanish restaurant chain he started with his wife in 2005 (Barcino) , he sold this for a profit during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Mon has 23 years of sales, marketing, new business development and exports experience on a senior role in P&G ; both here and abroad. After P&G, he was also involved as an internal sales and marketing consultant in Puregold Price Club and Tabacalera Incorporada reporting to the company’s presidents.

     Mon’s role in Engine Eco Phils Inc. is to provide overall business direction for the company, report to investors, ensure good corporate citizenship as well as use his industry and political network to build partnerships with local government units, non government organizations and private corporations with common aspirations as Engine Eco Phils.

     Ramon lives in Manila, Philippines with his family.

Mr. Dan Renner

Inventor, COB, Quality Control

    Dan is an ex-US Navy technician/instructor who has owned multiple businesses, the first being a bicycle repair and customizing shop in the family garage with the previous being a computer service business which he owned for 19 years and grew from zero to 1,800+ clients in the database before selling it in 2009.

     Dan started in 1995 as a hobby and then finalized his invention of the Carbon-Cutter© device in 2012. He has retrofitted and/or guided the retrofitting of the Carbon-Cutter© in about 3,000 vehicles around the world. Dan developed the hand-fabrication model, and has  successfully trained people as hand-fabricators -- including marginalized people.

     Dan lives in Manila, Philippines with his family.

Ms. Gunelie Winum

Partnership and Stakeholder Director, Board of Directors

    Gunelie has worked with Sustainability, and CSR for nearly 3 decades, mainly concentrating on developing and emerging countries in Africa and Asia.

    Her role in Engine EcoPhils, Inc. is to develop public-private partnerships, ensure Decent Work to hand-fabricators, and Impact Measuring for People. Planet and Profit .

    Having lived long periods in several countries in Africa and Asia, Gunelie now lives in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway.

Mr. Glenn Stuart Tan

Treasurer, Board of Directors

     Glenn brings with him more than 22 years of experience in finance and accounting having worked in companies engaged in diversified industries.

    He is currently the Chief Finance Officer of Innofins Consulting, a company that provides bridge financing to small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) that supplies multinational companies.

    He is also a businessman with investments in consumer driven industries such as laundry services, convenience store operations, and internet café.

    Glenn lives in Manila, Philippines with his family.

Mrs. Keith Alexandra Valcos

 Legal Executive, Board of Directors

     Keith (Kaye) is a lawyer and is in active practice of law in the Philippines. She has handled various corporate, compliance and intellectual property work. She is also assisting clients in developing Public-Private Partnerships generally for local infrastructure and energy projects.

    She is the Corporate Secretary of Engine EcoPhils, Inc., who is in charge with corporate registration and housekeeping and the protection of intellectual property rights over the Carbon Cutter. Acting also as Engine EcoPhils, Inc.'s legal adviser, one of Keith's duties is to ensure that all corporate acts are performed within the bounds of law.

    Keith lives in Manila, Philippines with her family.

Mr. Teddy Esteban Rigorose

 Legal Consultant, Board of Directors

    Teddy Esteban F. Rigoroso is a practicing lawyer with twenty-three (23) years of litigation experience.

    He has served as Board Director and Compliance Officer of John Hay Management Corporation for four (4) years and two (2) years respectively and currently serves as its Corporate Secretary, a position he has held since January 10, 2014.

    Teddy lives in Manila, Philippines with his family.

Mr. Ramon Antoniao Bautista

 CFO, Board of Directors

    Ramon (Monti) Bautista brings with him over 25 years of functional experience in sales and marketing. He has extensive experience in key account management, distributor management, building organization capability, and exports products market development gained from his stint with P&G Sales.

    He is currently Chief Operating Officer of Innofins Consulting, a company that provides bridge financing to small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) that supplies multinational companies.

    Ramon Antonio lives in Manila, Philippines with his family.

Mr. Don Atchison

 Technical Consultant

    Don is an expert engineer/project manager of specialty projects including exotic/luxury motorcycles and aircraft. He is the Founder and Owner of Ecosse Moto Works which produces handcrafted, high-end motorbikes.

    Don lives in North Carolina, USA