We offer a verified solution to transport sector pollution.  We also provide a living wage to the disenfranchised (poor, disabled, etc.) to help us reduce those greenhouse gases ***and*** we increase the income of public utility drivers who use our device by reducing their fuel costs.

    The vision of Engine EcoPhils, Inc. is to provide a significant greenhouse gas and 'black carbon' emissions reduction to the world in a manner that also provides a sustainable living to those who are needy in the area of the project.

    Our mission is to spread this venture into any area of the world that is in need of reducing its internal combustion engine emissions for its Nationally determined contribution (NDC) or to simply reduce CO2 far faster than other available carbon reduction or carbon capture methods.

    Our objectives in this mission are to:
  • empower as many needy in the given project location as we can
  • empower local business(es) in the project area as our local distributor
  • reduce internal combustion engine emissions in the location
  • increase the livability of end users, especially those of public utility vehicles
  • leave the air pollution levels at a much lower measurement than when we arrived

ABOUT Engine EcoPhils, Inc.

     Engine EcoPhils Inc, is a Philippine company, the official licensee and worldwide distributor of the Carbon-Cutter technology.

     Engine EcoPhils, Inc. was formed after the effectiveness of the Carbon-Cutter device was found to be much higher than anticipated.  This was shown in multiple emissions tests of a good variety of vehicles, a University consumption test and the Philippine government (DOST) Environmental Technology Verification test.